5 Step Checklist to Clean Your House for Your New Baby

Once the exciting news finally starts to sink in that you’re expecting, most mamas immediately go into “nesting mode”. It can be somewhat overwhelming trying to organize and plan for your precious new arrival. How will our lives be different? Where will baby sleep? Do we need a bigger home? Bigger car? Where will all baby’s stuff go? These are just a few questions that may flood your mind once you find out you’re pregnant. Fear not, you are not alone! Here are 5 ways that you can create peaceful spaces that will make the transition a little smoother once your new bundle of joy arrives.

1. Make room in your closet for baby clothes

Oh no! You may be thinking of that dreaded closet you stuffed everything into the weekend your in-laws came to town. And even now, the door is bursting at the lock, with even more clutter. Now is your time, before baby arrives to clean out those closets. You can do it! Take a deep breath and let’s tackle this- together. Depending on how many closets you have, it may seem like a daunting task. I suggest you give yourself at least one full day to power out. Here are a few ways to get you started.

3 steps to tidying your closet

  1. Start by having a clean work area around you. Be sure to have large heavy duty trash bags- one designated for trash and the other for donations.
  2. The items you decide to keep, stack them nicely in another room so that you remain organized.
  3. Take everything out of your closet. Yes, everything! As you go through your items, ask yourself two questions. First, how long has this been in my closet without use? If it’s been over 6 months, let it go. Secondly, does this bring me joy? If every time you look at the item and it brings you stress,  then let it go.

What to keep and what to toss

In Marie Kondo’s book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, she says “The best way to choose what to keep and what to throw away is to take each item in one’s hand and ask: “Does this spark joy?” If it does, keep it. If not, dispose of it.” Personally, as I get rid of items, I feel such a weight lifted off my shoulders. Many things that we hold on to, we never actually use.

Once you have completed decluttering your closets, you should be able to open your doors and feel a sense of peace, instead of stress. One way I judge if I’ve completed a closet clean up is if I’m not having to move something to get another thing. Once you’ve got your trash bags full, go to the dumpster right away and don’t be afraid to dump it all. Or if you’re donating items, I suggest you know ahead of time who you will be donating to or months may go by with trash bags in your car… which brings me to my next space.

2. Dedicate space for your baby carseat

Cars are some of the easiest places clutter can build up fast. You’re gonna need those clean extra square inches once baby arrives. You may not need a bigger car, just a cleaner one. Isn’t that reassuring?  The only items you should have in your car are registration, proof of insurance, a car charger, and maybe a little lipgloss, right? Get rid of those extra bags, old water bottles, opened mail, and gym clothes. You don’t need those knickknacks lingering around. If you are planning a getaway trip, make sure you clean out your car the following day, or you could end up in the same mess. You’ll be so happy you cleaned out your car once baby comes- no trying to stuff your stroller and diaper bag over junk.

3. Declutter pantry for baby meal prep

You may be wondering why the heck do I need to declutter my pantry? It’s not like anybody is looking in it. Well, it is necessary. With less time on your hands when baby comes, buying groceries and cooking will look a little different. You want quick easy access to your pantry items. If everything is expired or crowded, how will you be able to access anything once meal time comes around? I recently went through all my canned goods, grains, rice, and pastas to be sure everything was still good. I buy glass canisters that hold my grains, rice, and noodles so they remain fresh, but also so I can see them easily and are stored nicely.

4. Detox bathroom from harmful chemicals

That’s right! Freshen up your bathrooms. Often times our bathroom drawers get filled with old toothpaste, skin care samples we never used, hair ties and clips that are scattered everywhere, and cleaning products filled with chemicals that can harm your baby. Check all the ingredients in your products. Dispose of anything that may be toxic to your newborn. I suggest you designate a few drawers and one side of the bathroom vanity for only baby products. Don’t mix baby’s items with yours- it will be a pain to constantly grab the wrong thing.

5. Clean dust mites from under your beds

Phew! Last important space to clean up- under the bed. We often don’t realize it, but the underside of our beds are the perfect home for clutter and dust! Some people are limited with space and may store pull-out containers filled with baby bottles, baby blankets, swaddles, and toys. I get it, space is limited. But I also know that every time you pull out something, it is probably covered in dust. To create a clean environment for your family and baby (especially because baby will be sleeping in your bed with you for a while) I would definitely tidy up down there. You don’t want dust mites and particles in the air every time you pull something out.

Final thoughts for cleaning your house for a new baby

Aren’t you excited to start decluttering and making way for your bundle of joy? I promise mama, decluttering makes life easier in so many ways: there’s less stuff to clean, it’s easier to find things and there’s more space. The more you can get rid of now, the easier it will be to stay organized later- especially when baby comes.  The more you prepare now, the less you’ll have to worry later about getting your home ready. You’ve got this!

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