7 Mid Century Modern Nursery Ideas You’ll Love

Mid century modern design is all the rage these days. We absolutely love the bold colors, organic textures, and casual elegance of the mid century design style. Mid century modernism is all about creating spaces that are just as functional as they are stylish. This is why mid century design works so well when it comes to your baby's nursery! In this article, I'll walk you through 7 mid century modern nursery ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

1. Nursery colors to set the stage

Which colors to use in your nursery is your first major decision. Colors play a huge role in setting the stage for a stylish nursery that you and your baby will love. The typical mid century color palette will include a variety of gold, teal, grey, chartreuse, pink, and blue. Whatever colors use choose, remember to have fun with them!

Modern color palette

Vintage color palette

2. Cribs with 1960s flair

Now that you have your colors chosen, it time to starting thinking about the crib! The crib is the centerpiece of your baby room, and so this definitely not the time to skim past the details! Mid century modern furniture is famous for its tapered legs and organic materials. The crib is really the perfect blend of these elements.

For larger nurseries

If you have a full size nursery, you'll love the Babyletto crib. The round spindle-style bars and tapered legs make it an obvious choice for any mid century baby room. Plus, at $399, it won't completely break the bank.

For smaller nurseries

Working with a small space? Not to worry! For smaller spaces, the Monte White Rockwell Bassinet will feel perfectly at home with your overall design style. We also adore the rocking chair legs to help rock your baby to sleep.

3. Sleek baby dresser with mid century lines

With so many home stores offering mid century options these days (hello, have you been to Target lately) there’s no reason to break the bank on a cool mid century dresser for your baby. If your space allows it, we recommend a low and wide dresser which is true to the mid century aesthetic and makes for a great surface to change diapers on! Remember, your nursery needs to work as good as it looks.

This West Elm Mid-Century 6-Drawer Dresser can serve double duty as a baby dresser and a changing table. The acorn frame contrasted against the white dresser drawers looks very mid-mod, and the drawers are deep enough for all your adorable baby essentials. This will help you keep your nursery clean and organized.

4. Authentic retro rocking chair

Who doesn’t love a long nap in a cozy rocking chair with your newborn nestled in your arms? This are precious moments in you and your baby’s life, so be sure to embrace and enjoy them! What better than a plush mid century modern rocking chair to help you breath in and relax?

Since rocking chairs were a common fixture during the 1950s and 1960s, it is still easy to find authentic vintage rocking chairs from the mid century era. Sites like 1st Dibs are a great spot for snagging mid century heirlooms.

5. Madmen style glider

Gliders are like the rocking chair’s younger brother that steals all the attention. While not as true to the mid century era, a glider is definitely a staple in a modern baby nursery. Thankfully, there are plenty of gliders available these days that will fit seamlessly into your mid century vibe.

The Sparrow Glider from Gus is at the top of our list for comfort. We like the clean lines and deep seat, and with the right accent pillow, it may even be cool enough for Donald Draper.

6. 1960s nursery art

Now that you have the furniture dialed in, its time to think about some fun artwork to bring your mid century nursery to life! Mid century art is all about graphic patterns with pops of color. Also, consider unique features like a large round mirror with a gold frame! Elements like these will help your nursery feel larger while accentuating your design motif.

For mid century nursery art, look no further than Etsy. Etsy is chalk full of affordable atomic-style art filled with playful shapes and colors perfect for any baby room.

7. Colorful mid century nursery rug

You’ll definitely want to bring in a soft rug that will be comfortable for your baby. Remember that your baby will have a lot more physical contact with a rug that you. Look for something stain resistant, non-shedding, and free of harmful chemicals. In terms of design, we love bold and colorful patterns.

Looking for a statement piece? Consider the Kerala Drops Rug from PoshTots. At $178, it's a steal. The vibrant colors may be loud, but sometimes it's okay to make some noise!

Final tips for your nursery decor

Our last piece of advice for your nursery is this: just have fun and be you! Don’t get too hung up worrying about perfection. There’s no such thing! Your baby’s room will be an ever-growing space, just like your child. As your newborn becomes a toddler, your design will evolve to reflect this new season. We hope these mid century nursery design tips help! Cheers to a happy and healthy room for you and your baby!

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