The Best Diaper Bag Backpack: Top 20 Essential Features Worth Considering

As any mama will tell you, life on the go with your babies can get messy. The best diaper bag backpacks will help ensure you have diapers, wipes, changing pad, clothes, and everything else needed on your journey through motherhood.

With so many diaper bag backpacks on the market these days, we’ve created a comprehensive guide to help mamas make a smart purchase. This diaper bag buying guide will help you understand at least 20 of the essential features you’ll need in your next baby bag! Let’s get started.

Neutral design for both mom and dad to wear

It takes a village to raise a child. If nothing else, you’ll want to enlist the help of daddy when caring for your little one. The problem is, if your diaper bag is pink on pink with a side of flower pattern, daddy may not want to carry your diaper bag. The Kinwell diaper bag solves this problem by remaining neutral enough for dad to proudly rock and pretty enough to help mom feel beautiful.

Convertible diaper bag to wear as backpack, messenger, or tote

Unlike school and travel bags which serve one purpose, a diaper bag serves a multitude of purposes and is carried every way possible. Throughout my day I am constantly wearing my diaper bag in different ways. At home I typically pick up my bag by the “grab handle”, but around the park I often wear it across my chest. However, for those longer walks I totally depend on the shoulder straps. Bottomline, you’ll definitely want a convertible diaper bag.

Ample pockets for baby essentials

Ample pockets may very well top the charts in terms of “most requested feature of a diaper bag.” However, diaper bag backpacks often miss the mark in this regard – especially designer diaper bags. The Kinwell backpack offer a generous 14 pockets throughout — many of which are customized for the needs of parenting. If this bag doesn’t have enough room for your baby goods, you may actually be over-packing.

Waterproof and wipeable materials to make it baby-proof

It is astonishing how many designer bags overlook the basic requirements of diapering. Having a bag constructed with waterproof and wipeable materials is a no-brainer. Caring for your baby is a messy job. Don’t be surprised when your baby’s poop finds its way to the inside or outside of your diaper bag! Other liquids like breast milk will inevitably splash into or on your bag from time to time. By selecting a diaper bag that is waterproof and wipeable, you can simply brush that gunk away with a baby wipe and move on with your day.

Specialized insulated baby bottle pockets

According to The Mayo Clinic, breast milk expires after a few hours outside the refrigerator. Many mamas depend on bottle feeding when they are on the go, and often carry 1 or 2 bottles of milk in their diaper bag. Insulated baby bottle pockets will help you extend those hours for longer. Simple benefits like this make the difference between an average diaper bag and the best diaper bags.

Multiple zipper pockets to pack mom’s personal items

Traveling with multiple bags is often impractical for busy parents. Consequently, you may opt to leave your purse at home and just pack your personal belongings in your diaper bag. Unless your bag has custom pockets “just for mom” you may risk winding up with baby poop on your phone or wallet. No thank you! The Kinwell diaper bag has various zipper pockets that your little one (and their diapers) can’t get to. This helps keep your personal items clean and organized.

Durable materials and construction

Over the last few years, diaper bags on Amazon have taken a large portion of the market. Sadly, the majority of these bags are sold by internet marketers looking to make a quick buck. These companies are infamous for their poor quality and lack of customer service. We recommend choosing a diaper bag from a trusted brand with a commitment to high quality materials. In the end, you’ll spend a little more, but a good diaper bag is well worth the investment.

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Beautiful design that goes with mama’s style

Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you have to give up your personal style. There are many things you’ll buy for for your baby, but the diaper bag is just for YOU! Invest in a diaper bag that will transition from play time to date night with ease. We recommend a design that will look fabulous with ALL your outfits, not just one or two. Afterall, most mamas only own one diaper bag.

Your diaper bag stands upright without falling over

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to keep your wiggling baby in place while fishing for a clean diaper in a bag that keeps caving in and folding over! You only have two hands after all! This often-overlooked feature is critical in a good diaper bag backpack! Uber ultra-bags like the Fawn Design bag may be beautiful, but they lack much-needed structure.

Padded laptop sleeve & changing pad

The best diaper bag backpacks are uber functional. That means they have special compartments for larger belongings like laptops and changing pads. When surveyed, most moms prefer a padded laptop sleeve inside the bag for security, but they prefer a changing pad pocket on the outside for quick access. Choose a bag that offers this ideal combination.

Connects to stroller with stroller hooks

A stroller is one of the most-used mama products, and for good reason! When you are considering which diaper bag to buy, don’t forget to review how easily it connects to your stroller. Similarly, look for a bag that can connect to a wide variety of strollers.

Removable backpack straps when wearing cross-body

We discussed the value of having a convertible bag that can be worn multiple ways. However, when wearing as a messenger bag, what do you do with those pesky backpack straps dragging on the ground? Well with the Kinwell diaper bag, those backpack straps unhook at the bottom and stow away in the back slip pocket. Brilliant.

Diaper bag is lightweight and comfortable

The whole idea of a diaper bag backpack is to free up your hands and make carrying your baby essentials more comfortable! However, many backpacks are just so heavy that they compromise your comfort. Here’s the catch – a bag that is super light is often low quality. Look for a bag around the 2.5 to 3 pound mark. This will strike a balance between comfort and durability.

Functional mesh pockets for baby wipes and diapers

As a mama, you’ll burn through items like baby wipes and diapers pretty quickly. The last thing you want is to discover you are out of diapers mid-change! Yikes! By simply keeping your wipes and diapers in “see through” mesh pockets, you can quickly monitor when you are due for a refill.

Zipper closure keeps baby essentials secure

Imagine this: You have just finished packing your bag perfectly – filling up every last inch. Then, you set your bag down to grab your keys and the bag tips over. You watch in horror as everything spills across your living room. This mishap would of been easily avoided if your bag had a zipper closure. Moral of the story: Ditch the “Bucket Style” diaper bag backpacks with drawstring closures and opt for a secure zipper closure.

Metal feet to keep diaper bag clean

Sometimes it’s the simple things that create a memorable experience. For example, metal feet on the bottom of your diaper bag will keep your bag clean when venturing from your house to the park and back.

Spacious side pockets ideal for mama’s water bottle

Did you know nursing mothers need 100 ounces of water every day? Needless to say, you’re going to need a large water bottle in order to meet your required daily intake while carting your little one around town. The Kinwell diaper bag has 2 extra large water bottle pockets on the exterior right and left sides. You’re going to need ‘em!

Price of a quality diaper bag backpack

Can we all agree that Gucci charging $1,250 for their designer diaper bag is totally outrageous? If a grand is mere chump-change for you then go hog wild. But for the rest of us mere commonfolk, every dollar counts. The Kinwell diaper bag is priced well under $150 and stands up against any designer diaper bag on the market.

Manufactured in a socially-responsible factory

It is a sad fact that many diaper bags are still manufactured in factories employing underage workers with low wages. Kinwell does things differently. The Kinwell diaper bag is manufactured in a socially-responsible factory that meets rigorous humanitarian standards.

A diaper bag designed by a mama for mamas

Kinwell was created by a husband and wife team with a baby boy of their own. Together, they have created a new kind of diaper bag backpack. One that offers uncompromising functionality designed to help mamas create order, embrace adventure, and feel beautiful.

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